This visual project and infographics were created by listening to Nükak narratives, their conception of the territory and cosmogonic worlds of the Nükak Amazon community. The notion of a map from a Western point of view is a female human body for the Nükak people in which animals, plants as well as other human or even spiritual communities are an inherent part of what they consider their territory, their guide and organism.

These images were created by also taking into account the narrations and research of anthropologist and PhD Felipe Cabrera.
Additionally, some of the plants and animals were created by listening to Nükak oral descriptions and oral portraits of the species that they considered significant for them.

Leader Anthropologist researcher: Felipe Cabrera.
Link Felipe Cabrera Thesis:

Project: “Nomadísmos, desplazamientos y trasegares : Ontologías múltiples de la indianidad nómada tras la emergencia de lo Nükak