Jose Luis Cote was born and lived a large part of his life in Bogotá. Draw whenever he can, which is every day and almost all day no matter where or who is. He carries with him colours and a sketchbook to draw, but when he does not carry it, he draws on what he has on the hand, so his drawings remain on napkins, individual and notebooks and sketchbook of other persons.

Whenever he can, he does not hesitate to dive into the water, perhaps because he is pisces.

Jose Luis Cote nació y vivió gran parte de su vida en Bogotá. Dibuja cada vez que puede, que es todos los días y casi todo el día sin importar en donde o quien esta. Lleva consigo colores y una libreta para dibujar, pero cuando no la lleva consigo dibuja sobre lo que tenga a la mano, así sus dibujos van quedando en servilletas, individuales y libretas de otras personas.

Cada vez que puede no duda en echarse al agua a nadar, talvez porque es piscis.

I consider myself an artist with knowledge and experience in mixed media. Familiar with traditional techniques such as painting, drawing, printing as well as with other supports of expression like digital language such as video, animation and other image production using mainstream software. I have used all these techniques for different purposes mostly educational and in visual communication. Besides painting, I´ve developed my practice in the field of research and critical thinking interrelating with other disciplines. As an example of this were several research and visual material produced with the cooperation of various Colombian indigenous communities from the Amazon region. The making and curating of exhibits, publication, video, photography, animation, drawing and theoretical are grounds in which I feel comfortable working.

Further, I have cooperated in projects and different research teams with professionals coming from intersecting areas like anthropology, sociology, filmmaking, philosophy and writing. Working as a team member in multidisciplinary projects is a definite interest in my professional practice as well as being part of social impact initiatives. I´m not driven to an object or decorative practice but more towards an educational, critical and creative process discipline in which I can relate to different communities.

As a professor, I directed workshops of animation and painting, having also the opportunity to deal with a diverse range of students. The role I believe to have accomplished was to encourage people to engage in artistic and creatives approaches without any preconceptions or obstacles.